16 Online Resume Building Tools To Help Your Job Search


16 Online Resume Building Tools To Help Your Job Search


Hi Folks, we are always searching for the latest online or offline software out there to help you simplify your job search.  Even with these tools, most of them free or with free options, job hunting can still be a full-time job.  But if you want to get a better job, or just a job these tolls will help you get a great start.  Most of them are resume builders.  There is a résumé scanning service at the Live Career link.  There is a website here that helps you create a video resume for yourself, there are a couple of sites that convert your résumé into a visual graphic representation of your career which is helpful to bring on an interview, or to email to a hiring contact.  There is even a grammar checking website we tossed in for good measure.  So dig in and save some of these to your favorites as they are sure to come in handy.  Please share them with your networks so others can benefit from these job search tools as well.

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The Uphill Climb To a Job


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The Uphill Climb To a Job

Think looking for a job these days is like climbing Mt. Everest?  You are not far from the truth!  Check out our job search tips slideshow at the link or image above and turn up the sound.  🙂

The Most Important Sections In Your Resume


The 6 Most Important Sections in Your Resume

For those of you out of work out there you may be wondering how best to frame or write your résumé to highlight the most important parts of your career.  If you’re a 40-something out of work in this job market you may be growing discouraged at the many resumes you send out and hear nothing back.  By reading this you’re on the right track to help yourself so chin up!

By educating yourself online with reliable market information and new digital tactics you increase your chances of being found online, and being called for the interview.  Besides the daily recruitment of candidates that is done online by recruiters, which will lead them to your LinkedIn profile or other bios you may have set up through the years; you must be ready with a compelling resume when you do get the call.  If it’s a professionally written resume that’s even better, as industry professionals stay abreast of best practices when it comes to recruiting, hiring, and selling yourself.  Whether you decide to use a professional resume writing agency like www.ResumeFound.com or you do it yourself with online resume builders or templates, you should follow the following rules to keep your audience’s attention.

There is recent research that has found that recruiters and hiring managers while scanning and skimming through tons of resumes follow a consistent visual path.  (see image) The same applies when they review your online profiles.  So sticking to an organized layout is critical. *“Because professionally written resumes have a clear visual hierarchy and present relevant information where recruiters expect it, these documents quickly guide recruiters to a yes/no decision.” *http://cdn.theladders.net/static/images/basicSite/pdfs/TheLadders-EyeTracking-StudyC2.pdf


Click on the image below to enlarge it, or go to the original pdf article above from our friends at The Ladders

Resume Help

The study also found that professionally written resumes scored better in terms of organization and visual hierarchy, as measured by ground breaking eye-tracking technology.  Professional resumes that had less data, and were evenly formatted were described as being much “clearer/cleaner to read.”

The study showed that recruiters spent almost 80% of their résumé review time on the following data points: (1) job titles, 2) companies you worked at, 3) start/end dates and 4) education (5) accomplishments quantified at top (6) keywords to match the open position.  Anything else is filler and likely has little impact on the first round of decision-making done at the recruiter level these days.

Therefore we recommend that while building your résumé you concentrate on an organized layout with a strong visual hierarchy; make sure online profiles are easy-to-read without too many distracting visuals.

Here’s a free resume builder for those that cannot afford the professional help.  Sometimes you have to quantify even that.  “Is it worth it to spend $300-600 on a professional resume writers fee if I get hired faster at my $45,000 a year salary?”  The longer you stay out of work the harder it is to find work and you are losing about $900 or so a week.  Just something else to consider.  Best of luck to all in your job searches!   http://buildmyresumefree.com/

For individualized resume help reach out to us on either:

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It’s Not Your Grandfather’s Job Market Anymore


In today’s digital age it’s becoming more and more evident that some jobs we used to count on will not be returning to our shores anytime soon.  From the recruiters in India that are outsourced by many companies, to computer programmers; corporations in a global economy will bring their business needs across the globe to become more efficient and see cost savings.

Some of the laid off 40-60 somethings will have to face the fact that they need to reinvent themselves or become stay at home engineers.  But you must not waste time worrying and becoming depressed over the pretty pickle we’ve put ourselves in as a country.  Instead adapt, re-learn, survive!  You must build a brand that can easily show business entities that can pay you for your services, that you are, and how you are different from everyone else.  There is no shame in working as a consultant from your home office until conditions improve or the dust settles.  But you must be ready to still put in the 8 hours a day sometimes more if you can; yet still balance your life with pleasure and family time.  You must also be ready and prepared to keep learning and educating yourself to new technologies and how they affect your field, or a new field you might be considering.

First course of action is to create yourself a personalized list of 25-50 companies that you would consider working for.  Your goal should be to form 2 real live relationships with 2 people within that company and network your butt off.  The purpose of this so if a job you are interested opens up that person can refer you in.  This is realistically the most rock solid way of getting on the hiring short list.  Most human resources personnel and recruiters can see up to 800 resumes for one open position these days.  That’s where our next article comes in on Thursday.  Getting past the (ATS) Applicant Tracking Systems by creating several keyword targeted resumes related to your ideal position.  This is one of the ways to ensure that the ATS spits out your name and credentials when queried by the recruiting professional.  For more on this sign up to our RSS feed or check back often for more tips.

Warm Regards & Luck In Your Job Search,

Mill Montejo
LinkedIn Optimization Specialist