LinkedIn Endorsements Re-Ordering To Help You Land Your Dream Job


Many times people ask about LinkedIn Endorsements and what value they hold if any at all.  Well, they are not like a recommendation in that a colleague actually recommends you for direct work that they have witnessed.

The basic purpose that the endorsements section serves is for listing your current and past skills from your entire career, and to use searchable keywords for a recruiter or hiring manager to find.  Here is tip not many know about on how to structure your skills when you are creating the profile so that your connections will actually endorse you for the skills you need endorsements for to land that new job role you’re after.

This is especially true if you are seeking a career change to an entirely different industry than most of your experience has been in. Say you were in transportation and now have some experience in Social Media or Mobile App Development and you’d like to pursue that dream job.  The key here is to move your skills from previous job roles to the bottom and leave the ones you want endorsements for towards the top.  Humans tend to be lazy and we usually go for the easiest option.  LinkedIn must know that because they make it easy for you to give your connections endorsements on their skills.  To help promote endorsements LinkedIn automatically populates the endorsement section of a connection with their top skills and shows them to you in a pop-up when you are on the site.  It’s easy right?  We see the built-in endorsements, we click and our connection is endorsed.  So remember to re-order your skills and place the skills that most match your NEW target job at the very top of your skills section.  This will go a long way in getting the right skills keywords to be found in an online search for talent by a recruiter or hiring manager so you get the call for the interview.

Best of luck in your job search!

Mill Montejo


LI Endorsements

Don’t forget to set your setting to not report your activity while you are editing your profile.