Homestead Intuit Websites – Making The Switch Due To Malware Hack malware

Unfortunately as I write this I am angry at having received an email from Google this morning telling me that our sister site has malware attached to it and therefore violated their ad policy, etc. Contacting Homestead is usually a long wait to try to chat, call them (which I refuse to do), and/or search the community forum for advice and others issue similarities. The hosting company has finally responded via a forum message and the waiting game is on.

How many small business owners lose money from events like these happening to their sites? I already see from the comments that some are hurting from the malware.  I know we are just small and sometimes home based companies compared to the big corporations with multi-level IT Dept’s who also get hacked.  But seriously, something should be done to protect our web real estate from the virtual vandalism that goes on.  I propose small business owners band together and find a hosting company that really cares about their customers website up-time.  I have a friend who I am speaking to now so I can transfer my domain out from but if anyone knows of other secure, reliable hosting companies that are affordable for small businesses I would appreciate it if you replied and shared it in the comments.  I am sure there are many others who had to totally rearrange their work day today to deal with this Homestead Security Breach.

If anyone else needs assistance transferring or cleaning up their websites feel free to reach out via the below contact form as most tech support work can be done remotely. As small business owners we are all in this together!

Thanks for reading, listening, and letting me vent on here.  Best of luck to all! -<Mill> malware

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