Finding a Job That You Are Passionate About


By Suzanne Katz Kinzler (Published author, résumé writer, Teacher of the Year 2016)

“If you love what you do you won’t work a day in your life.” That quote has been a staple of my life. Growing up I was an avid sports lover and participated in sports skating n dance. My skating coach met me each morning at 5 am for private skating lessons. She trained me to become a silver medalist in ice dancing. To have a career that inspires dreams and achieves goals while being paid is a great achievement.


I asked my coach why she spent each day all year round on the ice. “I love what I do” she said with a shrug and smile!

I missed summer pool parties opting for summer training in the ice rink. My parents sacrificed for me and my brother who was a hockey player.


Growing up I did not really know what I wanted to do for a job. My coach seemed to be happy so I decided to follow her philosophy and teach.

After college I decided on education and continued studying physical education earning a masters degree.

Yes I get paid to play all day. I turned my love of sports and fitness into a long-lasting career which has included my interest in research and writing. As a published author, I’ve branched out into writing health tips and newspaper columns.

So bottom line is be happy and do what you love. Love what you do and Make a career out of it.

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