Let me be human or lay me to rest.


This is a great write-up for a lazy Sunday afternoon. To me it’s about falling down and rising back up again. While we remember all the horrible real dramas in the news this week that helped to put our own problems in perspective.


It will all end, and that is all we know. For when we cease to be, so does the world around us. My theory is that only in the impossible grip of love will we not accept, but forget it. Some of the truly bold and/or ignorant, may question how great something can be if it can fit in your hands, and I’d say, as great as you make it. And I’d be neck deep in unmitigated truth. For the human heart is the size of a fist, and it has turned empires to dust and men into memories with ease. All the while doing nothing but it’s job.

In life, we find infinite ways to overcomplicate our existence. We think another’s thoughts, feed another’s interests, and kiss another’s ass like we’re getting paid to. And all in the name of our fruitless endeavor to please people who do not matter. And during all…

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