How the Recession Reshaped the Economy, in 255 Charts from The NY Times


How the Recession Reshaped the Economy, in 255 Charts from The NY Times

This is such a great graphical explanation of what has transpired in the job market during the course of the last 6 years since 2008.  For those that have been unemployed, or the term they use nowadays ‘underemployed’ this offers little consolation.  It does however provide the foundation of knowledge you need to decide on how YOU could become an Entrepreneur and sell your current skill set to the local community near you. 

I saw an image today of a Chinese Proverb (will share it in the next post) that puts it a bit more eloquently.  ADAPTING TO CHANGE is what you’ve known you needed to do all along.  Stop fighting it.  The world of work has changed and continues to change.  Be like water and go with the flow.  Put your thinking caps on and find 2 skills you can sell.  Give them away for free at first.  Always give of yourself for free at least one day a week.  Even if you hit it big and see success right away you should maintain the sharing concept alive in your organization.  Your efforts will be rewarded tenfold in this new “sharing economy.”  Who knows you might even wind up meeting a great mentor.  Speaking of mentors, put that “Meetup” app on your phone, search locally, and go meet up with others in your industry or with similar interests.  Networking is key so get out there!  Good luck!