What does my resume need to look like to become a product manager in an excellent company? How much do favoritism and connections affect …


Answer by Mill Montejo:

I would agree with Amit Gupta's answer and also add that perhaps getting connected with your local MakerBar if there is one nearby would help.

For instance there is one in Hoboken, NJ where people from all walks of life gather to create things. They bought a 3D printer with crowd sourced money. I get email updates from the group daily about the different projects they are involved in. Some of the people that gather there are students from Stevens Institute of Technology, some are older workers already in the biz for years. A mix of different people in public MakerSpaces can fuel creation and connections! 

Making something, creating, or being involved in any creative project can add more weight to your resume.  The last part of your questions answer is yes, unfortunately favoritism and connections may still affect everything in life. It's human nature. But don't focus on that or all the negativity of a job search. Just keep moving #FORWARD in all you do with a smile even if you have to fake it. No one will want to be around or hire a negative personality and it will work against you. Good luck!

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