What are some good online tools to evaluate resumes?


For job seekers who must continually use their current resumes as a template for the next job ad they want to apply for here are some good text comparison tools, not all free, but worth it if you need to compare your resume keywords with those in a job ad quickly and accurately.

Hope these help you folks get the resumes out.  But remember if they find you online because you built your “career brand” up then you don’t have to work so hard at this job search thing.  When recruiters search for the skills your name will pop up in their Google searches and they will call YOU.

So with all the competition out there in the job market, you must take the reigns and take charge of your online presence NOW!  If you don’t start posting positive things about yourself and your accomplishments the web has a way of only showing our “digital dirt” to people who search for our names and believe me if you’ve had your fingers on a keyboard the last 15 years then you have digital dirt too.  Anything you might have said in an online forum back in the AOL days is still alive and breathing on the WWW for a potential employer to find.  So search yourself, create new positive stories and blog about your industry knowledge, etc.

All these steps together will make a huge difference in your job search results and that phone might start ringing.

Answer by Mill Montejo:

There is a great new tool out which comes from DiffNow that is powered by prestoSoft the makers of ExamDiff Pro to Compare files, directories, documents, archives, and binary files with this visual diff utility

I have used it to do keyword comparisons from a client’s resume to the job ad they spotted and wish to apply to.  It works really well in isolating the differences in the text from your resume, to the job ad, which is important to match as much as possible while not lying about your experience, to make your resume keyword optimized.  Unfortunately in the competitive job market we have now everyone MUST target each resume to each job ad or risk it being lost in the black hole of the Applicant Tracking Systems in use by recruiters, and hiring managers to sort through the hundreds of resumes they receive for one opening.  It’s like optimizing a website for SEO.  It’s an algorythm and keyword game folks!

“DiffNow lets you compare text files, documents, binary files, and archives up to 1024KB in size. You can either upload the files you wish to compare or enter their URLs. Results are returned as an interactive HTML report.

DiffNow is powered by ExamDiff Pro and uses all of the comparison plug-ins in the ExamDiff Pro plug-in library.

All uploaded files are deleted immediately after comparison.”

Best of luck in your job search!

Mill Montejo
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