Digital Mourning The New Frontier



I don’t remember if this is how George Orwell imagined it but there is a new type of relationship evolving and revolving around a social internet network called “Facebook.”  Through the ins and outs and virtual halls of the Facebook cafeteria you can find a few gems you’ve never met in person, but who’ve touched your heart none the less.  We feel no qualms about calling them a friend because they’ve shared our Facebook lives, our pain, our negative posts we try so hard to stay away from, and our triumphs that we thrill in sharing for that new ‘LIKE’ acknowledgement we’ve grown to crave.

My “friend” Jerry Preis was one of those hidden gems in the insane asylum of online life. Life online is even scarier these days with the name calling and hating that comes from the extreme polarization of our country.  The kinder humans venture online at our own risk yet secure in the knowledge that there are far more of us (kind people) than there are of them (nasty, mean people).

With this new digital legacy that we are creating on Facebook, wouldn’t you want to be remembered as someone positive who helped to encourage and inspire others?  Your Facebook profile will likely outlive you and live on Facebook’s servers forever.  In this digital era every human being has the power and digital reach to effect meaningful change in this world and leave behind a legacy of kindness.  This digital legacy of kindness is what Jerry left behind and although we will never get to meet in person, I feel like I have known him all my life.  So in Jerry’s honor I will always try to remember that each one of us can elect to use this communication platform any way we see fit (like I’m doing right now).  You can use it to spread love and encouragement instead of hate like Jerry Preis did during the time he had left.

The image below shared on Facebook from one of the pages he followed appears to be Jerry’s last post sometime on Thursday 5/23/13.  Thanks for always pushing peace and love onto my news-feed Jerry. RIP and hug J Fred Muggs for us. ❤

Love always,

Mill & Suzanne