It’s Not Your Grandfather’s Job Market Anymore


In today’s digital age it’s becoming more and more evident that some jobs we used to count on will not be returning to our shores anytime soon.  From the recruiters in India that are outsourced by many companies, to computer programmers; corporations in a global economy will bring their business needs across the globe to become more efficient and see cost savings.

Some of the laid off 40-60 somethings will have to face the fact that they need to reinvent themselves or become stay at home engineers.  But you must not waste time worrying and becoming depressed over the pretty pickle we’ve put ourselves in as a country.  Instead adapt, re-learn, survive!  You must build a brand that can easily show business entities that can pay you for your services, that you are, and how you are different from everyone else.  There is no shame in working as a consultant from your home office until conditions improve or the dust settles.  But you must be ready to still put in the 8 hours a day sometimes more if you can; yet still balance your life with pleasure and family time.  You must also be ready and prepared to keep learning and educating yourself to new technologies and how they affect your field, or a new field you might be considering.

First course of action is to create yourself a personalized list of 25-50 companies that you would consider working for.  Your goal should be to form 2 real live relationships with 2 people within that company and network your butt off.  The purpose of this so if a job you are interested opens up that person can refer you in.  This is realistically the most rock solid way of getting on the hiring short list.  Most human resources personnel and recruiters can see up to 800 resumes for one open position these days.  That’s where our next article comes in on Thursday.  Getting past the (ATS) Applicant Tracking Systems by creating several keyword targeted resumes related to your ideal position.  This is one of the ways to ensure that the ATS spits out your name and credentials when queried by the recruiting professional.  For more on this sign up to our RSS feed or check back often for more tips.

Warm Regards & Luck In Your Job Search,

Mill Montejo
LinkedIn Optimization Specialist