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The Talent Mill is a consulting firm in human placement, talent acquisition, business development, graphic arts, web design & more.

“With so many potential employee candidates flooding the market looking for work, companies have long since started using either in-house or outsourced recruiters to find and hire their top talent.  They also use ATS systems to that end.  Therefore it is imperative that your resume and Linked In profile be keyword heavy and optimized to get seen in a Google search, while still flowing coherently without sounding desperate.  If you send 30 resumes out per week for a year you might get one or two calls (I’ve done it). If you optimize your online presence you will hear the phone start ringing and emails start coming in to start the phone interview in weeks, sometimes days (I’ve tested this).  This is the position you want to be in.  Not chasing human resources and responding to job ads.  You want to be getting calls and emails to interview you.”

~Mill Montejo